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Industrial advisory

Help the company in determining where they are, the upcoming trends of specific industry, what could be the ultimate goal, where to play, and how to Win (Capability & Strategy)

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Trajectories of business, external environment, competition positioning, corporate scope, company structure, and network

Scenario-Based Strategic Planning

Our Unique Expertise:

Scenario-Based Strategic Planning

What Is Scenario Planning?

The future will be different from today. But how is it going to be different? That’s the critical and difficult question – and it is the question that scenario planning tries to answer.

Scenario planning is not predicting, projecting, or forecasting the future. Instead, it is about exploring the future, trying to visualize what could realistically come about in the future, without saying definitively, "This is what will happen." It tries to answer, “what if” questions.

There will be a lot of uncertainties and changes that more and more faster than ever. These make us difficult to plan, especially long-term planning. This is where scenario planning gives benefit. As time goes on, many things change - not just the measurable things like prices and growth rates, but fundamental shifts that can alter a business landscape beyond recognition, for example changing in politics, economy, social, technology, environment, and law, regulation, standards. These changes might be the result of almost imperceptible trends that are only gradually affecting the business environment on a day-to-day basis, but in the fullness of time could bring about huge shifts – for example, demographic changes, or evolving societal attitudes, values, and consumer tastes.

Countless “driving forces” such as those mention above

could engender real, significant changes in your future

business landscape – and in your future

competitiveness. Even, these changes have the potential

to permanently alter the entire landscape of your business.

Scenario planning helps company to secure the future.

Scenario planning is a process that stimulateout of the box thinking.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunities” (Seneca – Roman philosopher)

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